Back Session

Here is the back day that goes with the Video that was posted earlier on our Instagram page:

High intensity! Bring every set to complete failure then flip the crazy switch and do more reps!

5 sets wide cable pull down

4 sets over the hand plate loaded two arm row

4 sets seated one arm plate loaded row

4 sets over hand T-Bar row machine

3 sets Close grip cable pulldown


3 sets close grip low cable row

3 sets cable pullovers

Also hit 45 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning!

Supplementation for the day (typical for most days):

Fasted Cardio: 2 scoops Amino Rehab- sipped during cardio

1 scoop NXT-Level pre-workout

1 scoop Dynamic Evolution's Intraworkout with 2 scoops Amino Rehab

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