Week 2 update

March 15, 2016


Weighed in at 253 lbs this morning. I had a bit of a cheat weekend so I had a cheat meal every day but I actually missed a few meals, so it probably equaled out. Looks like I am up 10 lbs in a week. That is mostly water because I was on zero to no carbs then adding carbs in I instantly gain water weight…I’ll take it!


This week I upped the carbs. Just adding 4oz of sweet potato to meal 5. Diet is looking like this:

Meal 1:

-2 cups egg white

-1/2 cup oats w/ blueberries and cinnamon


Meal 2:

-8oz chicken



Meal 3:

-6oz steak



Meal 4:

-8oz chicken



Meal 5:

-8oz salmon

-4 oz sweet potato

-Mixed veggies


Preworkout Shake:

-1 scoop Whey

-1/2 cup oats


Post workout Shake:

-2 scoops Whey


Meal: 6

-8oz cod

-Mixed veggies


Supplements have stayed the same:



-Daily multi-vitamin

-Fish oils

-Preworkout: 1 scoop of NXT-LEVEL

-Intra-workout: 1 scoop of Amino Rehab, 1 scoop of secret product

-First thing in the morning is 1 scoop of Amino Rehab


Today’s workout we smashed legs and cardio


Warm up/stretch- two sets of legs extensions/ stretch quads in-between


Barbell Squat:

  • 6 sets (1 warm up, 1 light, 4 heavy!)…full rang of motion, no half rep BS!


Leg Press:

  • 5 sets (1 warm up 4 working sets) Went HEAVY!


Front Squat on Hack Squat Machine:

  • 4 sets (higher reps but still heavy)


Leg Extensions:

  • 3 sets of 25 to failure (15 hold and squeeze at top- 10 fast to burn out)


Laying Hamstring Curl:

  • 4 sets (high reps)


Standing one leg curl:

  • 3 sets (high reps)


Standing Calve Raise:

  • 2 sets to failure


45 mins of cardio on the bike  

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