~>NXT-LEVEL Physique<~

Day one:

Starting point is 243 lbs on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I will slowly be adding in carbs to the diet. Below is this week's diet (if it ends up changing during the week I will update it accordingly on here).

Meal 1:

-2 cups egg white

-1/2 cup oats w/ blueberries and cinnamon

Meal 2:

-8oz chicken


Meal 3:

-6oz steak


Meal 4:

-8oz chicken


Meal 5:

-8oz salmon

-Mixed veggies

Preworkout Shake:

-1 scoop Whey

-1/2 cup oats

Post workout Shake:

-2 scoops Whey

Meal: 6

-8oz cod

-Mixed veggies


-Daily multi-vitamin

-Fish oils

-Preworkout: 1 scoop of NXT-LEVEL

-Intra-workout: 1 scoop of Amino Rehab, 1 scoop of secret product

-First thing in the morning is 1 scoop of Amino Rehab

Workout: Back and Biceps- 30mins of cardio

Wide grip pull-ups

-4 sets

Low cable row

-5 sets (1 warm up)

Rack Deadlifts

-6 sets (4 heavy sets)

Underhand Cable Pull-down

-4 sets (last set- triple drop set)

Two arm DB row

-4 sets (hold at the top for 2 seconds)

Hammer Pull-down

-3 sets (high reps- burn out sets)

Standing Hammer Curls

-4 sets (triple drop last set)

Machine Preacher Curl

-3 sets (high reps- burn out)

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