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Introducing Vaso6 in it's raw form dosed at 600mg! VASO6 is a licensed branded ingredient that has taken the supplement industry by storm and has become so popular that some of the biggest supplement companies in the world are using it and even building entire products around it. User feedback includes dramatically improved pumps with some people reporting feeling more pumped on their non-training days than they previously did even after their workouts.

Vaso6 Benefits:

  • Improved Blood Flow & Vascularity 
  • Increase in Exercise Performance
  • Increase in Endurance

Studies have suggested that Vaso 6 converts to 50% nitric oxide whereas citrulline only converts to roughly 5% nitric oxide.1 This is where Vaso 6 separates itself from citrulline and other typical nitric oxide boosters like arginine. 

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